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We are excited to serve students across our state. We know all learners have different needs, which is why we have customized options to meet those needs.

Traditional Virtual

Students use online instructional tools and a range of instructional approaches that are similar to those in traditional schools.

Full-time Virtual Enrollment – SJSD Virtual Academy offers full-time educational options for students in grades K-12.  Kindergarten through 5th grades students engage in content with interactions with their teacher and classmates twice a day.  Students in grades 6-12 have opportunities to interact with teachers and classmates based on the subject and schedule of live events.  Secondary students also have asynchronous options to accommodate varying schedules.

Per-course Virtual Enrollment – Students in grades 9-12 can create a blended schedule using online and seated courses.  This allows students the flexibility to build a schedule that works for them and their individual needs.

Credit Recovery

An online, self-paced opportunity for students to recover required credits for high school graduation.

Click here to view credit recovery courses.

Gifted Education

Students who qualify for gifted education have met the requirements for gifted programming through the identification process established by the local school district.

AP Credit

College level online courses, approved by the College Board, with content designed for self-paced and live web-conferencing teaching and tutoring to enhance the learning experience.

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