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What is the SJSD Virtual Academy?

The SJSD Virtual Academy is a full-time online public school for K-12 students.

We’re committed to providing our students with an educational experience personalized to their needs by utilizing qualified teachers and providing tailored instructional courses.


Personalized learning pathways are the best way for students to succeed in the online learning space.

Here at the SJSD Virtual Academy, our teachers and staff are excited to serve our students, community, and region by offering innovative educational experiences through online learning. We believe our Virtual Academy offers flexible and engaging learning opportunities for every student. Students can harness the skills needed for an ever-changing, technological world by becoming proficient in the navigation of online platforms. As more businesses transition to virtual or remote positions within their teams, possessing the skills needed to collaborate and relate in the remote environment is a huge benefit for future careers.


Access to learning shouldn’t mean loss of credit. Our program is accredited by MOCAP so our students won’t have to worry about credit transfers if they have to move.

The Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP) provides a thorough course catalog of virtual online courses for students to choose from statewide.

MOCAP’s mission is to offer Missouri students equal access to a wide range of high quality courses, flexibility in scheduling, and interactive online learning.

Students will be able to take an entire course from any internet-connected computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our students are able to experience many benefits including flexible hours, self-paced studies, mastering digital tools, and more.

The educational experience provided through a virtual classroom provides many benefits to our students such as the freedom and flexibility to study and complete their course work anywhere at any time.

Due to our classes being solely online, our students are able to pace themselves and move onto a new learning module once they have mastered the previous module. Our students may need to spend a little more time on one specific area to demonstrate their level of understanding and students may also move faster through other sections that they have already previously mastered.

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